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    2. Welcome to Yongkang city industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
      Join conditions
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        (1) to have entrepreneurial zeal and modern marketing consciousness and legal person qualification, good business reputation and personal qualities. Familiar with local market, have strong ability of market development and operation, have a certain financial strength and connections, have enough confidence in our products.

        (2) recognized brand, marketing concept and product positioning.

        (3) at least accords with a requirement to open a store or shop in shop, store location should be mainstream in the local building materials market or main street facade.

        (4) the best experience in related industry and sales channels.

        (5) promise to comply with various regulations of the operation of the Chinese market is willing to abide by the marketing management system.

        6. Equipped with office equipment shall be complete, should be connected to the computer, printer, fax machine, convenient manufacturer drawings and order delivery. Guide professional factory equipped with tablet computer, convenient communication with customers.


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